Felipe Gil

Felipe Gil, Co-Founder & CEO of Prisma Campaigns is an innovator with 25+ years of experience in technology and financial industry.
29 Apr 2019
4 min read

We don't accept tokens [Digital marketing today]

It's too easy to get complacent, for companies to do a bit about diversity and then ease off... The HR manager of a multinational company received a directive from head office about a company-wide...

08 Jan 2019
3 min read

Is your credit union ready for marketing automation?

CUs may not have the breadth or market-share of the for-profit banks, but they make up for this with their specialized member knowledge. Learn how automation can enhance this personalized service...

06 Nov 2018
4 min read

Top tips for helping clients adapt to digital banking

Whether it’s opening a bank account or looking for information, most people tend to “Google it” first. Nowadays, there are millions of active users on the Internet, so it seems like it would be a...

15 Oct 2018
6 min read

How to create an effective multichannel customer onboarding campaign

Today’s financial marketing strategies benefit by combining the same message across multiple channels, both traditional and digital, to connect with all its different audiences. Not all digital...