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Prisma Campaigns Blog

27 Jul 2021
Marketing Automation | 4 min read

How can technology help your FI sell more and sell better? (Part 2)

In part two of this blog series, we discuss the remaining two core fun...

14 Jul 2021
Marketing Automation | 3 min read

How can technology help your FI sell more and sell better? (Part 1)

You might know us as an all-in-one marketing automation software for b...

07 Jul 2021
Share of Wallet | 4 min read

Top tactics to increase share of wallet in banking

Share of wallet (SOW) is one of the best indicators of loyalty. It pro...

09 Jun 2021
Media | 2 min read

In The Financial Brand: vendor synergy to accelerate digitalization

Digital transformation, and the foundation required to support it, can...

01 Jun 2021
COVID-19 | 4 min read

Emerging from the pandemic - what we’re hearing

Coming out of the pandemic, no doubt there will be a big adjustment to...

18 May 2021
Personalization | 9 min read

Four decisions to make before running any personalized campaign

Since publishing Ron Shevlin’s The Roadmap to Personalization in Banki...

04 May 2021
Share of Wallet | 8 min read

Three pillars of a strong UX for your financial institution

A strong User Experience (UX)—how a user interacts with and experience...

19 Apr 2021
Events | 2 min read

Takeaways from CULytics Virtual Summit 2021

We really enjoyed attending and sponsoring the 6th Annual CULytics Vir...

07 Apr 2021
Omnichannel marketing | 5 min read

Why your bank or credit union can’t ignore SMS marketing in 2021

A few weeks back, Jim Marous, Co-Publisher of The Financial Brand and ...

16 Mar 2021
Digital Marketing | 8 min read

How to boost your financial institution’s ROI with digital marketing

Gone are the days marketers could rely only on print ads, billboards, ...