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06 Sep 2023

How Prisma Helped a Credit Union Thrive With Marketing Automation

Implementing marketing automation for your financial institution can feel intimidating. After all, you’re entrusting your account holders’ data to a complicated piece of software. But with a...

12 Jul 2023

Reducing Opt-Outs

Today’s most successful marketing campaigns all rely on multiple channels to get the word out. Businesses take advantage of email, SMS, and online advertising to ensure that their audience is...

21 Mar 2023

Email Design Tips

Email dominates the field of outbound marketing. It’s estimated that anywhere between 60% and 90% of businesses use it as their primary marketing method, as email addresses are easy to collect, and...

21 Jun 2022

A/B Testing

As financial marketers, we’re always searching for ways to improve ad performance. A/B testing, otherwise known as split testing, is a popular way to do so. Simply put, marketers test two versions of...

28 Feb 2022

Essential Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing is one of the most reliable and powerful ways to connect with consumers, introduce new products, and increase conversions. Sending an email is easy, but getting them delivered,...