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on July 19, 2022

At Prisma Campaigns, our mission is to bring true value to financial institutions through automated, intelligent communication. The financial landscape is competitive, and we recognize the importance of high-performing and personalized marketing campaigns that deepen relationships with consumers.

To do so, we created a marketing automation solution that reflects our agile mindset and commitment to clients’ needs. Below we’ll discuss some aspects of our omnichannel marketing solution and how it differentiates financial institutions from their competitors.

Integrate Data

Building Blocks. Integrate different systems and data

A key first step for any successful, targeted marketing program today starts with data. Depending on the goal, your marketing initiative might only require a simple list pull from one of your customer or marketing systems. Or maybe you are connecting two different data sources to extract a particular customer segment. However simple or complex the data pull, here are some steps to keep in mind.

  1. Ensure you understand the origin and recency of your data. Is this system updated nightly (e.g. your core system) or is there a delay in information you receive (e.g. a request for credit data that will age as soon as it is received)?
  2. Review the data you receive for accuracy.
  3. With accurate data, you can create dynamic consumer segments and improve campaign targeting.
  4. If you plan on combining data from multiple data sources, ensure that the consumer’s data matches from each system. It might be a person’s ID, social security number, login information, or a combination of this information.

Try Additional Features


Banners are a great alternative to email marketing or next step, and well-designed banners in a prominent location on your online banking portal can perform just as well or better than an email in a flooded inbox. People tend to log into their online banking account a few times per month, so they are expecting to see messaging relating to their institution.


The key to banners is personalization. You can present a consumer with different banners depending on their history with your FI, behavior, or demographics. Prisma uses customizable banners that can layer text on top of images so that each member/customer can be presented with a different message that’s relevant to them.

QR Codes

QR codes can be an integral part of a lead generation campaign, and it’s easy for anyone with a smartphone to quickly scan a code they see. FIs can create a QR code that’s present in various physical locations that encourages people to enroll in your FI. This code can be linked to a landing page that includes a data capture form, so once the user completes the form there are multiple actions that your FI can take.

  1. A notification can be sent to the new consumers department in the FI.
  2. You send a thank you message to the new lead.
  3. A drip campaign with multiple touchpoints can be initiated to nurture the lead.
  4. The captured data can be sent to another system or core.

SMS and Mobile Push Notifications

Meet people where they are. Consumers are on the go, and it’s easy to communicate with them when their device moves with them and is readily available in their pocket. Prisma has key integrations with services so you can send timely messages to your consumers and increase campaign reach by nudging consumers on their phones. You can also conduct A/B testing to experiment with different content and see which notifications perform better.

Plan for Bounces or Conversion Abandonment

Marketers should always plan ahead for when leads don’t complete the expected goal.
This includes if they don’t click on an email, complete a form, or interact with banners.

A good practice for reconnecting and increasing conversion rates is to send additional emails, SMS, or other banners to non-converting leads. Prisma has mechanisms to identify users that didn’t convert on specific campaigns so that you can follow up with them and ensure they receive your message.

Monitor in Real-Time

A critical part of any campaign is evaluating your marketing efforts. By tracking individual consumer journeys and campaign performance in real-time, you can improve your reach and deliver the best experience possible for your consumers.

Real-time monitoring helps you craft personalized campaigns so your consumers receive timely and customized offers. With a solution like Prisma, you can see their interactions across multiple touchpoints on one dashboard. As you run simultaneous campaigns, you can also activate the most relevant one for each person based on manual sorting, trigger events, or automated recommendations.

Don't Overwhelm Your Audience

Use the mechanisms that Prisma has to limit the number of emails sent to a person per day/month, or the number of banners that are displayed at any given time to a user in their mobile banking.

Carefully plan what should be communicated to each person and set communication priorities so that Prisma can choose the best message within the communication policy limits. For example, a birthday campaign has higher priority than a cross-selling campaign, and a campaign to retain someone whose loan is about to be paid off is more important than a generic promotional campaign.

Woman overwhelmed by too many messages

Our goal is to help your financial institution stand out amongst the noise. We understand that each consumer is different, so how you communicate to them should be customized to them as well. By following Prisma’s sequence for marketing success and utilizing some of our key features, your FI can reach more people with relevant and timely offerings through a high-performing omnichannel marketing campaign.


Learn what Prisma’s marketing automation software can do for your financial institution, and visit Prisma’s blog posts for more useful marketing tips and strategies.



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