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Ianai Urwicz

Ianai Urwicz, Prisma Campaigns' CRO with executive and entrepreneurial experience in the telecom industry, mobile payments and FinTech ecosystem.
01 Jun 2021
COVID-19 | 4 min read

Emerging from the pandemic - what we’re hearing

Coming out of the pandemic, no doubt there will be a big adjustment to...

19 Apr 2021
Events | 2 min read

Takeaways from CULytics Virtual Summit 2021

We really enjoyed attending and sponsoring the 6th Annual CULytics Vir...

16 Mar 2021
Digital Marketing | 8 min read

How to boost your financial institution’s ROI with digital marketing

Gone are the days marketers could rely only on print ads, billboards, ...

12 Dec 2020
Share of Wallet | 3 min read

Top tactics to increase share of wallet in banking

Sshare of wallet (SOW) is one of the best indicators of loyalty and a ...

10 Dec 2019
| 3 min read

Embracing the Digital Imperative

As demanding as getting your credit union up to speed with the digital...

18 Jul 2019
| 2 min read

Fintech landscape - We need it all and we need it now

Competition for small and medium size financial institutions is coming...

02 Jul 2019
| 3 min read

Who will run the AI in banking?

Since the dawn of human civilization we've been developing technologie...

26 Jun 2019
| 3 min read

From digital banking to intelligent banking

Digital banking is here to stay. And for customers like me it has stea...

20 Jun 2019
Events | 1 min read

Prisma Campaigns takes home AXFI's Killer Fintech Speed Round Award

Last week, we attended the 6th Annual Analytics and Financial Innovati...

03 May 2019
Press Releases | 1 min read

CU Rise partners with Prisma Campaigns to help CUs leverage their data

Today, data analytics specialist CU Rise Analytics has partnered with ...