Picture of Ianai Urwicz Written by Ianai Urwicz
on June 20, 2019

Last week, we attended the 6th Annual Analytics and Financial Innovation (AXFI) Conference in Minneapolis. This event addresses the growing need to make analytics and innovation (particularly in today’s digital world) a top priority for CUs, and is attended by all levels of management.

Financial industry publisher Jim Marous’ opening keynote discussed the need for Financial Institutions to personalize members’ experience. Because putting people first is at the core of what we do⁠—contacting  members through their preferred channels with relevant, personal, and contextual messages⁠—his presentation was a timely one.

Fintech Speed Rounds[1]

We were honored to be selected among a small group to participate in the conference’s 3rd annual Killer Fintech Speed Rounds. This session is designed to highlight technology and innovation that is changing the world of financial services, particularly companies developing applications to remove "friction" from current products and processes and creating superior user experiences.

CEO Felipe Gil had the opportunity to demo Prisma Campaigns to the conference audience. The seven-minute pitch showcased our AI-driven solution and focused on how CUs can leverage their member data to deliver personalization at scale. Felipe demonstrated how easy it is to orchestrate effective campaigns that show only relevant offers and messages to CU members in real time across multiple channels, to mimic the personalized Amazon experience.

We’re proud to announce that Prisma Campaigns was recognized with an Innovation Club Award as winners of the Killer Fintech Speed Rounds in this year’s pitch competition!

A big thank you to the AXFI organization for a great event!

We look forward to seeing you again next year for another opportunity to exchange ideas with clients and partners throughout North American and internationally.

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