Picture of Ianai Urwicz Written by Ianai Urwicz
on May 03, 2019

Today, data analytics specialist CU Rise Analytics has partnered with Prisma Campaigns, provider of intelligent marketing automation to provide complementary solutions for Credit Unions (CUs). Both companies have a shared vision to help CUs’ maximize their data for highly personalized customer experiences and, in turn, close the gap between marketing and sales.

Financial Institutions (FI) have access to deep-seated data that offers profound insight into the behavior and needs of their customers. Many small- to mid-sized organizations don’t have the bandwidth to channel the bulk of it and instead opt to sell customers products in untargeted ways with generic language, missing out on improved customer experience and expansion in the process.

“This partnership truly shows how Financial Institutions can benefit from using new digital integrations to improve both their bottom lines and, ultimately, the user experience,” says Karan Bhalla, CEO of CU Rise Analytics.

CU Rise Analytics is a Virginia-based global Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) that helps CUs consolidate internal and external data, understand this data and then act on it in a way that benefits not only their sales but also the end consumer. The CU Rise team, comprised of data scientists and technology professionals, has supported numerous FIs in the past by developing strategies and driving towards ROI positive actions. Their services include portfolio assessments, predictive analytics, member segmentation, and risk monitoring.

Prisma Campaigns is an omnichannel marketing platform designed for FIs to make campaign execution easier and more efficient. Prisma utilizes existing client data to maximize outreach efforts, allowing FIs to make every client feel special with personalized service offers. Using machine learning, the platform predicts clients’ next move and communicates the best offer. It uses real-time metrics to adjust the campaign’s effectiveness and share only the most relevant services. Messages are personalized to increase user retention by contacting them through their preferred channels, with relevant, personal, and contextual messages. This optimizes message effectiveness using A/B testing and increases engagement, loyalty and conversions.

“This partnership will allow more FIs to take advantage of user data machine learning to tailor and amplify omnichannel marketing campaigns,” says Ianai Urwicz, Chief Revenue Officer at Prisma Campaigns.

We’re pleased to move forward with a partner that can help clients organize and cleanse their data in preparation for utilizing Prisma’s technology.”

For more information on how Prisma Campaigns and CU Rise Analytics can help FIs innovate better digital banking solutions for their customers, visit the company websites at https://www.cu-rise.com and https://prismacampaigns.com.


Image credit: shutterstock.