Picture of Ianai Urwicz Written by Ianai Urwicz
on April 19, 2021

We really enjoyed attending and sponsoring the 6th Annual CULytics Virtual Summit last monthit was fun to connect through our virtual booth and to present as a finalist in the Fintech Pitch Challenge.

Do we hope the next one will be in person? Sure! But, virtual events have their fair share of perks. For one: no jetlag. And secondly, we don’t have to haul the many recommended books we impulse-bought online after each keynote session.

Here are some takeaways from the event...

PrismaCampaigns CULytics Virtual Booth


What’s next for digital transformation

CULytics saw over 400 attendees from 200+ organizations across the USA—namely key decision makers and influencers at their respective organizations—with combined assets of $564 billion. We were impressed by the wide variety of topics that were covered as keynotes, case study sessions, and fireside chats on the Pheedloop platform. 


Key Learnings:

  • Day one opened with a keynote from Mark Sievewright, Founder and CEO of Sievewright and Associates. His topic? “The Importance of Digital Technologies for FIs.” He drove home the fact that today, half of America’s population are millennials and GenZ. Millions of consumers are being captured by the big banks and new competitors who were “born digital.” Luckily, young people relate to companies that do good in the world. And since credit unions do a lot of good, that’s a “super power” to leverage. We’ve already ordered a copy of Mark’s book, Digital Life
  • Andrew Downin, CPA from Vantage West Credit Union spoke on day two. His keynote topic was, "Less Is More: The Necessity of Focus for Strategic Success." The gist of his presentation was that multitasking is a myth, and working on fewer projects at a time means you get more done. It’s all choosing a strategy (member intimacy, low-cost operational excellence, or product/service leadership) and having heart-to-hearts about resource constraints. Clarity of focus is key.
  • Pam Piligian closed out the keynotes on day three speaking about “Metrics that Matter.” She discussed how, given the proliferation of data and analytical tools designed to pull insights, we’re often drowning in data. For meaningful progress, we need to focus on the metrics that align (and balance) priorities. Used smartly, data can help measure performance in meaningful ways. Focusing your metrics on mission-critical activities is step one.

We couldn’t agree more.


The Fintech Pitch Challenge

On day two of the virtual summit, we participated in the CULytics Fintech Pitch Challenge, where we demoed Prisma Campaigns alongside other tech solutions in a speed-round format. 

We came in second place. Well done to all of the presenters!

PrismaCampaigns CULytics Virtual Booth Playlist

In case you missed it, you can check out the pre-recorded demo.


We're excited to see what’s coming next with digital transformation in data and believe we can be of help in your journey. Give us a shout if you’d like to continue the conversation.


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