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06 Dec 2023

Removing Barriers and Expanding Membership

Even for the largest credit unions, consistent growth is essential. Expanding your base allows you to provide more for your existing members, and to prepare better for the future. When growth slows,...

22 Nov 2023

Biggest SEO Mistakes

Financial institutions are relying on digital engagement more than ever. By 2025, experts predict that around 65% of all engagement for financial service companies will be entirely online. This means...

24 Oct 2023

Making a Difference with Marketing Automation

Credit unions have a long history of supporting local communities through charity work, community outreach, and other initiatives. By providing this support to the people and businesses in their...

12 Oct 2023

Predictive Analytics and Advanced Campaigns

Financial institutions are always looking for a competitive edge. With the advent of more advanced machine learning and data-gathering techniques, the use of predictive analytics has become an...

27 Sep 2023

Transforming the Digital Experience with Automation from Prisma

As a financial institution, one of the most crucial aspects of a good marketing strategy is ensuring your members’ digital experience is top-notch. Estimates put the range of digital interaction...

20 Sep 2023

Better Remarketing

We’ve all left a website with a full shopping cart, only to forget about it and move on. How companies go about reminding you of your intent to purchase can make a massive difference in their...

06 Sep 2023

How Prisma Helped a Credit Union Thrive With Marketing Automation

Implementing marketing automation for your financial institution can feel intimidating. After all, you’re entrusting your account holders’ data to a complicated piece of software. But with a...

30 Aug 2023
2 min read

Prisma Campaigns Expands its Reach with Five New Credit Union Partnerships

MIAMI, August 31, 2023 - Prisma Campaigns, a leading provider of marketing automation solutions for credit unions, announced today the addition of five prominent credit unions to its Omnichannel...

23 Aug 2023
4 min read

Eliminating Friction Points on the Journey

The most frustrating things for consumers to encounter along their buyer’s journey are the unnecessary roadblocks. These friction points can take many forms, can happen at every stage of the...

09 Aug 2023

Text Use Cases and Compliance Factors

Text messages make up a large portion of people’s daily online communication, with studies estimating the average 30 year old sends and receives around 80 texts in a single day. Businesses can take...

26 Jul 2023

Using Marketing Automation Beyond Marketing

Prisma’s marketing automation solutions have helped hundreds of financial institutions realize their true potential, and assisted them in creating personalized campaigns that speak to the heart of...