Picture of Camilo Alvarez Written by Camilo Alvarez
on March 28, 2024

Last week, we attended the 2024 America's Credit Unions Marketing & Business Development Council Conference in Las Vegas. Unlike the much larger Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC), this event offered a more intimate setting with its approximately 300 attendees, perfect for deep dives into credit union marketing and business development.

This article summarizes the event's highlights and what impacted us most.

The real value of AI for credit unions

The event agenda was rich and varied as usual, covering themes from leadership to creating meaningful connections with members, and of course, the impact of AI on credit unions. 

Four sessions highlighted AI's diverse applications, including generative AI, a case study on using AI to drive deposits, a hands-on session on generating content with AI, and the transformative power of AI. This last one, featuring Kate O'Neill, author and founder of KO Insights, truly encapsulated the spirit of the event - advocating for a 'strategic optimist' approach to AI, it highlighted its potential to advance credit union missions and improve members' lives.

Kate O'Neill, author and founder of KO Insights

Kate O'Neill, author and founder of KO Insights, speaking at America’s Credit Unions’ 2024 Marketing & Business Development Council Conference in Las Vegas. Image credit: CUNA News

At Prisma Campaigns, we've always believed in the power of technology to revolutionize how credit unions interact with their members, so O'Neill's emphasis on the importance of using data and emerging technologies, not as distractions but as powerful tools to achieve organizational goals, resonated deeply with us. Her call to action was clear: adopt a stance of strategic optimism towards AI and automation, focusing on personalization, behavioral targeting, and resilience to meet changing market needs.

The importance of genuine connections and not just transactional interactions was further emphasized in "Market Like a Human" and "Be Reactional, Not Transactional," They remind us of the real value of technology for credit unions, which is to enhance real, personal connections.

Insights, Networking, and Celebrations: The Heart of Our Experience

All the insights from the conference, plus the great food and friendly environment at the exhibit hall created ideal conditions for networking and exchanging ideas.

Our booth in the exhibit hall became a popular spot for discussing how to apply what we learned. We showed how Prisma's tools help credit unions offer more personalized services and communicate better with their members.

Our team meeting our customer ValleyStar Credit Union in person

Our team meeting our customer ValleyStar Credit Union in person.


The opportunities for AI and intelligent automation are vast, from improving service personalization to enhancing operational efficiency. "Relevance is a form of respect," O'Neill remarked, a principle that guides us at Prisma Campaigns as we develop technologies that respect and understand the needs of credit union members.

As we reflect, we're inspired to continue helping credit unions navigate the future with innovative technology, grounded in strategic optimism. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Prisma Campaigns as we continue championing the evolution of credit union marketing and business development in the digital age.

And last but not least, congratulations to all the credit unions who won Diamond Awards for their 2023 marketing campaign, we are proud to see our clients Embold Credit Union, Great Lakes Credit Union and SESLOC in that list.


Image credit: America's Credit Union and Camilo Alvarez.