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Prisma Campaigns Blog

09 Jun 2021
Media | 2 min read

In The Financial Brand: vendor synergy to accelerate digitalization

Digital transformation, and the foundation required to support it, can...

01 Jun 2021
COVID-19 | 4 min read

Emerging from the pandemic - what we’re hearing

Coming out of the pandemic, no doubt there will be a big adjustment to...

18 May 2021
Personalization | 9 min read

Four decisions to make before running any personalized campaign

Since publishing Ron Shevlin’s The Roadmap to Personalization in Banki...

04 May 2021
Share of Wallet | 8 min read

Three pillars of a strong UX for your financial institution

A strong User Experience (UX)—how a user interacts with and experience...

19 Apr 2021
Events | 2 min read

Takeaways from CULytics Virtual Summit 2021

We really enjoyed attending and sponsoring the 6th Annual CULytics Vir...

07 Apr 2021
Omnichannel marketing | 5 min read

Why your bank or credit union can’t ignore SMS marketing in 2021

A few weeks back, Jim Marous, Co-Publisher of The Financial Brand and ...

16 Mar 2021
Digital Marketing | 8 min read

How to boost your financial institution’s ROI with digital marketing

Gone are the days marketers could rely only on print ads, billboards, ...

11 Mar 2021
Webinars | 1 min read

Making customer data even more leverageable with Trellance M360

If you’re already one of the 30+ banks and credit unions that are usin...

03 Mar 2021
Omnichannel marketing | 2 min read

Your 2021 guide to omnichannel marketing for financial institutions

As we approach the one-year mark of COVID-19 restrictions, the economy...

16 Feb 2021
Events | 3 min read

It’s time to kickstart the 2021 (virtual) conference season!

We’re BIG people-people. And while we love nothing more than seeing yo...