Picture of Clara Hori Written by Clara Hori
on December 29, 2021

Another Holiday season has arrived and we’re answering some of clients’ wish list items for Prisma’s product suite.

It is no news that we at Prisma try very hard to keep up with the needs of our friends in the financial industry, so we listen very closely to your goals and challenges, and we dedicate our time and effort to provide as many features as possible to assist financial marketers and digital leaders along the way. We are happy to announce our latest product release, further transforming our Marketing Automation platform as a powerful marketing tool within your technology stack.

This article will give you a sneak peek of some of the most relevant additions in this new release.

Introducing Campaign Flows

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could specify a sequence of steps that involves multiple touch points with your audience across different channels, all using a visual tool?

And wouldn’t it also be nice if you could reuse some of the campaigns that you already have up and running (from which you’ve seen great results) and sequence them along a longer period, using the same visual interface?

Our newest enhancement, Campaigns Flow, delivers a simple, intuitive and visual way to build incredibly powerful marketing programs. You can now graphically create a process that sequences a set of steps, such as sending emails or SMS, and activates them depending on conditions and delays.

This new graphical approach provides more flexibility for complex sequences that need to evaluate various conditions and that include multiple touch points across multiple channels.

New Campaign flows feature. Sequence multiple steps and set delays between them

This feature superpowers onboarding campaigns that usually span a few months with a series of outgoing communications that are delivered to new customers or members. You can now graphically specify the steps involved in the onboarding process and control the flow with the same set of conditions that you use throughout the tool, all in one place.

Easier Search and Filtering

Our clients have been defining a lot of campaigns, email templates, banner placeholders and other assets and now they’ll find it easier to pinpoint that specific one that was created even months ago. With our new and improved search and filtering options you can now be more productive and access your assets more quickly.

Some of the new options include filtering by:

  • Name
  • Type
  • Platform

As the amount of assets defined in the platform increases, we hope that these new filtering options will help you be more productive and better organized.

Export Campaign Data Fast

We heard from our clients that they want to further transform campaign data for reporting or other marketing initiatives, and we’ve made the ability to export data easier via desired Groups or Categories.

This better streamlines the whole campaign analysis process allowing you to focus on what you really need.

Export campaign data by selecting the desired categories to include


Marketing Automation is an iterative process of creating new campaigns and adjusting them to better suit your strategic goals and your customers’ needs. This parallels the process of developing a tool like Prisma. We can’t wait to share all of the exciting new enhancements coming to you in 2022!


Image credit: Adobe Stock & Prisma Campaigns