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on September 16, 2020

(BOSTON, MA — September 16th, 2020) — Today, MarketMatch announced that they have used two unique and powerful solutions, Prisma Campaigns and CU Rise Analytics, as platforms to deliver their latest product.

MarketAcuity is an end-to-end solution for lead generation and share of wallet growth that combines data analysis, visual creative and channel management in one package for banks and credit unions. The solution is now available to new and existing clients of MarketMatch across the United States.

MarketMatch is an integrated financial marketing solutions company for small-to mid-sized community banks and credit unions. They are the strategic driver and creative force behind MarketAcuity and are leveraging Prisma Campaign’s channel management and CU Rise Analytics’s data analytics expertise to help bring the solution to life.

“At the heart of everything we do at Prisma Campaigns, is making it easier and affordable for community banks and credit unions to deepen relationships, boost loyalty, and increase their share of wallet,” said Felipe Gil, CEO of Prisma Campaigns. “As a fintech, building an open ecosystem is an integral part of our model. We are excited to partner with MarketMatch and CURise, two industry leaders that add a lot of value on top of Prisma's platform. Also, this integration shortens time-to-benefit and reduces complexity, two crucial aspects for financial institutions wanting to catch up on their digital transformation."

MarketAcuity provides highly customized message and campaign generation based on current, potential, and new customer/member activity. It utilizes advanced analytics to identify key target segments based on a customized outcome strategy and combines award-winning creative and digitally savvy messaging with intelligent AI-driven channel delivery management.

“Usually, banks and credit unions have to patch together solutions and manage a cumbersome process to deliver personalized offers that create engagement. Thanks to the collaborative team of industry leaders, this is now integrated under MarketAcuity, a powerful solution that not only saves time and resources, but can measure and track the ROI generated per channel,” explains Bruce Clapp, president of MarketMatch. “Through our partnership with Prisma Campaigns and CU Rise, MarketMatch customers are now able to create highly customized messaging per member that speaks to their current needs. In-the-moment marketing if you will.”  

For more information on how Prisma Campaigns, MarketMatch, and CU Rise Analytics can provide in-the-moment messaging and campaign generation based on current, potential, and new customer activity, please contact Clara Hori at clarahori(at)prismacampaigns.com.

About Prisma Campaigns

Prisma Campaigns is a marketing platform designed to help financial institutions deepen their relationship with customers through omnichannel, digital experiences. By leveraging their existing data and online channels, banks and credit unions can execute data-driven campaigns to increase loyalty and share of wallet. Prisma Campaigns is a spin-off of Infocorp.

About MarketMatch

MarketMatch is an award-winning full-service, strategic credit union and community bank marketing consulting firm that uses a Marketing Without Limits philosophy to provide expertise, perspective, ideas, and creative delivery. As financial marketers, we have a unique passion for and a deep understanding of the philosophies that drive the industry. 

About CU Rise Analytics

CU Rise Analytics is a data science services firm that delivers a sophisticated suite of tools and industry-leading expertise to explore and analyze a credit union’s member data and recommend strategic actions. From data to decisions, CU Rise helps a credit union focus its efforts exactly where the best results can be obtained and uses analytics to drive winning actions.

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