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Written by Clara Hori
on July 27, 2020


New partnership will allow credit unions to improve digital experience, increase conversions and deepen relationships by making personalization and data-driven campaigns a reality.

(BOSTON, MA —July 29, 2020) — Today,  Prisma Campaigns, the omnichannel marketing automation software for banks and credit unions that increases loyalty and share of wallet through personalization, has announced a new partnership as a data service partner of Trellance, the leading provider of data analytics, business intelligence, and professional services for credit unions.

The companies have been working together since early 2019 and share the belief in the value of having a capable partner ecosystem and standing behind the credit union movement.

This partnership offers credit unions an easier, faster and more cost-effective way of using Trellance's data insights to run targeted, segmented and personalized, omnichannel campaigns with Prisma

"Having an ecosystem of solutions that can add value based on Trellance's M360 data platform is critical for us. We want to help credit unions get the most out of the investment they've made with data analytics and this partnership with Prisma Campaigns is about making it easier to implement their vertically-focused solution for marketing and campaign management," said Paolo Teotino, chief product officer at Trellance. "We are not only reducing complexity; we are making Credit Unions more effective and more competitive. This has always been important, but right now, in the COVID-19 era, it's clear that to respond faster, you absolutely need better insights."

Felipe Gil, CEO of Prisma Campaigns, said, "While Trellance is about insights, Prisma is about delivering personalization, and one can't produce results without the other. There's usually a gap between the two, which we are now closing with this integration. By using Prisma's new out-of-the-box capabilities, you can leverage Trellance data directly to execute marketing campaigns that are automated, contextual, relevant, and personalized. This not only delivers more value to members, but it also increases operational efficiency. We look forward to working with our existing customers to help them derive more value from investments they've already made, and providing new ones with a shortcut, a simplified path for adoption."

This integration provides credit unions with hidden opportunities to deepen relationships and connect with their members’ journeys. Leveraging analytics like branch analysis, fraud detection, lending analytics, credit card analytics, asset & liability analysis, dealer analysis, financial analysis, digital banking analytics, member analytics and more—to run omnichannel, personalized and context-relevant campaigns, it allows credit union to increase efficiencies, manage risk and enrich relationships with their members.

For more information on how Prisma Campaigns and Trellance can help credit unions improve relationships and increase conversions through the power of data analytics, please contact Clara Hori at clarahori(at) or visit and

About Trellance

Trellance is the leading provider of data analytics and business intelligence solutions, professional services and consulting for credit unions. The company’s solutions and services, together with the patented common data model of its signature M360 product, are used by credit unions to find actionable insights, improve member experience and achieve portfolio growth. Founded in 1989, Trellance is headquartered in Tampa, FL. and serves more than 1,500 organizations throughout the United States.


About Prisma Campaigns

Prisma Campaigns is the first agile marketing platform designed for small to mid-sized Financial Institutions to deliver personalization at scale. By leveraging existing data, banks and credit unions can segment and execute relevant, personal and contextual communications across all channels in order to make each client feel seen and heard. The result? Deeper customer relationships and increased share of wallet. Prisma Campaigns is a spin-off of Infocorp.

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Image credits: Prisma Campaigns and mentioned companies websites.

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