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on July 27, 2021

In part two of this blog series, we discuss the remaining two core functionalities at the heart of our software, and share how they help banks and credit unions sell more and sell better. 

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Core Functionality #2: synchronization across all channels

Another central aspect of the Prisma Campaigns software is that it’s designed to be truly omnichannel. This means giving the customer a unified experience across the digital and non-digital channels. Essentially, instead of the channels working in parallel, they act as extensions of one another. No matter where a customer is consuming content or interacting with their financial institution (in an online or offline context), they’ll receive a seamless and consistent experience based on their behavior.

How this works:

In the early days of building our software’s roadmap, we felt that financial institutions needed an easy-to-use technology to allow them to create an experience that would be relevant and consistent across all the touchpoints. We knew that this had to extend beyond just email. Financial institutions needed to use more channels to sell.

That’s why we built Prisma to deliver and convert across multiple channels, including email, text, online banking and mobile channels. So you can combine different channels within one single campaign (for example, outbound channels such as email and SMS with online banking, mobile app and website), rather than have channel-specific campaigns, competing for the customer's attention.

This is in large part made possible thanks to our partner ecosystem. After a lot of heavy work and effort, we’ve made sure that Prisma is easy to integrate with complementary solutions and digital channel providers that extend the value of our offering and let our customers leverage their existing investments.

Why this matters:

We are believers that everything needs to be in sync in order for a financial institution to sell well. Particularly because we know that clunky experiences negatively impact sales and customer loyalty, whereas a successful omnichannel strategy leads to a smoother customer experience and, as a result, increased ROI.

Examples of how Prisma has helped financial institutions solve problems by having all channels in sync:

How can my FI facilitate a unified customer experience?

Prisma delivers messages based on previous interactions across all channels. Pictured below, you’ll see that the same message is being displayed for this sample customer on online banking, mobile app, email and SMS. While this might seem like something you can pull off by resizing assets and reusing them across different systems, it's more than that. Prisma is a platform that integrates all these channels, so that they can talk to each other and be in sync. That's how you can be sure that if the customer converts in one channel, all the others stop pushing that campaign. Or that a started application in one channel can be resumed in another. 

Omnichannel experience

How can I better target my FI’s marketing campaigns?

The integration of multiple channels provides financial marketers with extensive customer data that helps them better segment and target their campaigns. When all channels work together, a financial institution is able to place their marketing messages across multiple platforms in a more timely and consistent manner.

How can I deploy my department’s resources more effectively?

With insights from omnichannel campaigns, marketers can easily get a bird’s-eye view of what channels are the most fruitful, so they can adjust spending accordingly.


Core Functionality #3: managing everything from one centralized place

The third core functionality that we built into our solution has to do with giving more control to the user. With Prisma we empower business users by giving them the ability to personalize every aspect of their offers.

We knew that a bank or credit union’s different departments need to communicate with the customer for different reasons (e.g. services vs. sales). To avoid overwhelming customers, the marketing department tends to be the gatekeeper for this at most financial institutions, and they require a system to orchestrate and prioritize campaigns. So, we built our software with a view to consolidate and orchestrate multiple campaigns and communications across all areas within the bank. These can be personalized from one central interface, and pushed out across multiple channels.

How this works:

We knew our system had to have granular controls for fine-tuning marketing campaigns. So, from one central dashboard we gave banks and credit unions the ability to engage customers with frictionless conversion flows, from data capture to the recovery of abandoned processes. Among other things, the interface can run various, simultaneous campaigns, activating the most relevant one for each customer based on categories, manual sorting or automated recommendations, and it gives marketers the ability to track campaign performance in real-time.

Why this matters:

Many financial institutions, particularly those who are operating with limited resources, spend a lot of time engaging in manual, repetitive tasks. This negatively affects all departments - marketing, operations, sales, customer service, etc. 

Automating campaigns from one central place frees marketers up to do more creative planning and executing. Sales teams can simply track the customer journey and trigger onboarding and reboarding campaigns to boost conversions, freeing them up for more high-value tasks to nurture relationships.

bci testimonial

Examples of problems Prisma solves by having everything managed from one centralized place:

How can my FI ensure that customers see messages that reflect our priorities?

Prisma is fully automated and integrated to hundreds of simultaneous campaigns. If, for example, a credit union has a time-sensitive need for members to update their personal contact information, via the dashboard they can easily prioritize compliance campaigns above all marketing campaigns, or suppress all non-essential communications until compliance is met. 

How can our FI not bombard our customers with too many communications?

We knew it was important for marketers to be able to automatically cap the number of communications that customers receive per day, week and month. Prisma’s interface has this functionality built-in, as well as the option to cap communications by campaign category, with the ability to manage exceptions.

How can my team rely less on the web/IT department?

Prisma gives marketers the ability to use time-saving templates or create their own responsive designs with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface. 


Prisma in a nutshell

Through leveraging first-party data, keeping all channels in sync, and managing everything from one centralized location, Prisma Campaigns helps financial institutions get back to the basics of selling more and selling better.

Ready to see Prisma Campaigns in action?  Schedule a free demo with one of our experts. More than 80% of people who took a demo say they better understood the value of Prisma and the types of problems it could solve for their financial institution.



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