Picture of Clara Hori Written by Clara Hori
on March 11, 2021

If you’re already one of the 30+ banks and credit unions that are using Prisma Campaigns to maximize their marketing campaign results, you’re familiar with the concept of an omnichannel approach, and how it can dramatically impact your bottom line.

Well, in case you missed it, we’d like to share a recording of our latest webinar that will show you how omnichannel marketing has just become even more powerful, thanks to Prisma’s partnership as a data service partner of Trellance.


M360 turns your data into gold

Trellance has just launched a new data mining platform called M360 which, when combined with Prisma Campaigns marketing automation can transform customer data into actionable insights that help you to deliver an even more finely-tuned customer experience. 

Marketing teams today are stretched thinner than ever before. That’s why the new ability to automate all your data feeds, and automatically prioritize campaigns and messages, through Trellance’s aggregation technology is so meaningful. M360 mitigates time-stealing manual work, and simultaneously makes your customers feel like you “get” what they’re all about, which results in boosted customer loyalty.


Making life simpler for marketing teams

M360 was built to aggregate all of a bank or credit union’s data sources and feed them into the Prisma Campaigns interface, in order to make the jobs of marketing teams easier. 


This means you’ll:

  • Be able to easily create marketing campaigns that automatically update themselves once a customer takes a particular action, such as opting in to an offer
  • Have access to multidimensional insights that enable real-time adjustments to campaigns
  • Eliminate situations when customers might feel misunderstood or annoyed, increasing the chances that they’ll stick with you, rather than switching to a competing FI.


Check out the free webinar

Ready to learn how Prisma Campaigns and Trellance, can help you to evolve from basic email marketing to deeply personalized and automated campaigns that inspire your customers to feel seen and heard, while increasing revenue?

Trellance and Prisma webinar

Watch our new, free webinar about Prisma Campaigns and the M360 platform now!