Picture of Camilo Alvarez Written by Camilo Alvarez
on August 30, 2023

MIAMI, August 31, 2023 - Prisma Campaigns, a leading provider of marketing automation solutions for credit unions, announced today the addition of five prominent credit unions to its Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform. Ventura County Credit Union ($1.5 billion) from California, Vibe Credit Union ($1.2 billion) from Michigan, AFFCU from Texas ($643 million), MyUSA ($336 million) from Ohio, and Southwest Financial ($80 million) from Texas, have all chosen Prisma Campaigns to enhance their marketing efforts and deepen member relationships.

Prisma Campaigns offers a marketing automation solution that helps credit unions more effectively use their data and deepen member relationships. More than 60 credit unions are already partnering with Prisma, and rely on the platform to deliver automated and targeted onboarding and cross-selling campaigns across all channels, including email, text, web, and mobile. The platform's advanced features enable credit unions to unlock significant growth potential and improve engagement with their members.

The new partnerships will enable these five credit unions to leverage the power of data-driven marketing automation and deliver targeted, hyper-personalized campaigns across multiple channels. These campaigns will be made possible through seamless integrations with their existing data solutions, such as Strum Platform, and online banking channels like Tyfone and Bankjoy. This strategic combination empowers credit unions to take advantage of the full potential of their data and drive impactful marketing initiatives.

Felipe Gil, CEO of Prisma Campaigns, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating: "Through automated and omnichannel marketing, credit unions can increase engagement and achieve remarkable results, like email open rates over 50% or sixfold increases in HELOC loan sales. We are excited to support these five credit unions in their journey to realize their growth potential and deliver exceptional member experiences."

Prisma Campaigns became a CUNA Strategic Services preferred provider in 2021 and has received the endorsement of more than 22 credit union leagues as of mid-2022. This recognition further solidifies Prisma Campaigns' position as a trusted and innovative solution for credit unions.

About Prisma Campaigns

Prisma is dedicated to future-proofing credit unions for success by leveraging the power of marketing automation. Prisma helps credit unions innovate by empowering the marketing, data and IT people to drive growth, and addresss the challenges they face head on. With a combination of cutting-edge marketing technology and extensive industry experience, Prisma is dedicated to ensuring the success of their credit union partners.
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