Picture of Ianai Urwicz Written by Ianai Urwicz
on September 25, 2018


New partnership will provide banks and credit unions with deeper insights into their members’ wants and needs for a user-friendly digital banking experience.


Today, long-time omnichannel banking platform Tyfone has partnered with Prisma Campaigns, a subsidiary of Infocorp and provider of intelligent marketing automation, to provide innovative and tech-savvy marketing solutions for financial institutions (FIs) and orchestrate tailored omnichannel campaigns.

The partnership marks the inclusion of Prisma Campaigns’ personalized marketing approach to Tyfone’s existing digital channels, including web banking and mobile apps for credit unions. The two providers share a mutual interest in driving the power of mobile, wearable, and virtual assistant technology such as voice banking to market.

According to Ianai Urwicz, Head of Global Expansion at Prisma Campaigns, both companies are excited to begin this new stage of collaboration and have a shared mindset.

“Prisma Campaigns is specifically engineered for financial institutions to take advantage of machine learning to bring their marketing campaigns to a truly omnichannel level”, says Urwicz. “We’re pleased to move forward with a partner who shares our values.”

Tyfone and Prisma allow clients to add value to their marketing through carefully customized and branded materials, driven by a powerful foundation of data. In turn, FIs such as banks and credit unions have a more comprehensive knowledge of their members’ needs and desires, providing them with the most user-friendly digital banking experience possible.

Tyfone’s exhaustively detailed administration console empowers financial institutions to administer, configure, and support their members from a single interactive dashboard. Prisma Campaigns’ real-time conversion monitoring dashboard allows users to continuously evaluate campaign effectiveness in a way that supports multiple roles.

“This partnership is an ideal example of how financial institutions can use digital integrations to bring the best possible user experience to their members all while building brand recognition and avenues for marketing", says Dr. Siva Narendra, CEO of Tyfone.

For more information on how Prisma Campaigns and Tyfone can help financial institutions innovate better digital banking solutions for their customers, visit Tyfone and Prisma Campaigns’ websites at tyfone.com and https://prismacampaigns.com.

About Tyfone
Tyfone is a leading provider of digital security solutions for identity and transactions. Their Omnichannel Banking and frictionless Omnichannel Security solutions bring both security and convenience in the hyper-connected digital world of cloud, mobility and IoT (Internet of Things), where legacy security methods have proven to be ineffective. The company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon and also has operations in Bangalore, India. Media Contact: Josh Detar, josh.detar@tyfone.com

About Prisma Campaigns
Prisma Campaigns is an omnichannel marketing platform designed just for FIs to make campaign execution easier and more efficient. Prisma utilizes existing client data to maximize outreach efforts, allowing FIs to make every client feel special with personalized service offers. Using machine learning, the platform predicts clients’ nexts move and communicates the best offer. It uses real-time metrics to adjust the campaign’s effectiveness and share only the most relevant services.

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