Why Prisma Campaigns?

Find out the right solution for financial services

The challenge

FIs know what they want:

  •  #1 marketing objective for FIs in last 5 years: deepen customer relationships, increase share of wallet. 
  • Digital channels adoption is constantly increasing: selling through multiple channels is mandatory.
  • They have access to lot of valuable data and knowledge about their customers.

 But they still:

  • Broadcast generic offers to their customer base, reducing chances of engagement and conversion.
  •  Don’t communicate consistently with their customer across different channels, negatively impacting CX. 
  • Invest a lot of time and resources to run inefficient campaign management processes, with slow feedback loops


 How to improve cross-selling in a complex omnichannel world?



The Solution

Make each client feel special through effective omnichannelmarketing campaigns orchestration 

Prisma Campaigns marketing automation for FIs


Manage all campaignsan channels from a single place 

Machine learning 

Use ML algorithms to select the next best marketing action and always present omni-relevant offers


Segment and Personal

Target each customer with the right offer and a personalized message to increase engagement and loyalty


real time personalization campaign


Analize and adjust campaigns in realtime to increase effectiveness





Building long term relationships | Improve share of wallet | Increase loyalty

Capitalize existing customer relation

PrismaCampaigns uses already existing customer knowledge in a more effective way, enabling relevant and personal marketing communications

Add value through your campaigns

Transform campaigns into value generating processes for clients. Design relevant, personalized messages, based on client explicit (given) and implicit (behavioral) information.

The right message at the right moment

Offer your clients the products and services that best fit their needs and preferences in a consistent and coherent way across all of the bank’s points of interaction.

Improve loyalty and bonding

Design your marketing campaigns as value adding processes and engage clients with relevant, personal communications. You will be nurturing your relationship with them and improving your overall conversion rates


Our Customers



 How it works? 

Take a peak at our demo from Finovate Fall 2018


  • 100% designed for FIs. 
    Understands the Financial Institutions needs including policies, processes and security requirements
  • True omnichannel marketing. 
prisma_blog_may3        Combines online and offline channels in a 360°approach increasing your customers satisfaction
  • Increase Cross-Sell and Upsell 
    Closes the gap between Sales and Marketing. Boost your ROI by +20% with automated cross and upsell campaigns
  • Fits Financial Institutions of any size 
    Meets the requirements of every single FI, from $200 million to over $200 billion in assets
  • Best in class API integration 
    Fast and easy integration reducing adoption cycles. Go live in less than 4 weeks



What does Prisma Campaigns bring to you?

 For the Marketing Team

  • Centralized campaign repository
  • Inbound & Outbound multichannel campaigns 
  • Web & Mobile banners and popups 
  • Emails & banners real-time content personalization
  • Personalization of messages within the conversion funnel
  •  Personalization preview at design time 
  • Marketing Calendar
  •  A/B Testing on banners, e-mails and funnels
  • Predictive ML based campaign & messages prioritization
  • Outbound delivery forecaster 
  • E-mail templates and landing pages 
  • Dismiss campaign and unsubscribe options 
  • Simple integration of campaigns on social networks through referral links

 For the Sales Team

  • Audience management through central repository of segments
  • Smart targeting based on behavioral information, demographic & other variables 
  • Predefined high level conditions for simple segment definition 
  • Manual and automatic import of external segmentation data 
  • Dynamic addition of new fields to the client's profile 
  • Multistep conversion & onboarding process (Forms, Conditions)
  • Dynamic forms for data capture
  • Event triggered campaigns
  • Real time campaign monitoring & analysis
  • Customer Journey of all client's interaction
  •  Web Activity Tracking
  • Automatic bi-directional Backoffice/CRM data synchronization

For the Operation Team 

  • Easy integration with external data sources 
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) for cost-effective integration of multiple channel 
  • REST API based integration 
  • Funnel extensibility support (add-ins) 
  • Campaign audit log for change tracking 
  • Office Channels (ATM, IVR, Branch, etc…)
  •  Webservicesupport for Backofficeintegrations 
  • Review and approval workflow for campaign content
  • Custom outbound contact policies 
  • Custom user roles 
  • Custom user security policies 
  • LDAP/ MS Active Directory integration


Prisma Campaigns is:

 An innovative approach

  • Segmented and personalized campaigns
  • Fully omnichannel
  • Machine Learning based prioritization 
  • With Real-time tracking and adjustment wallet

Designed for FIs needs

  • Easy integration and omplementation
  • Fast time to market
  • Delivered SaaSor on-premise

With the best ROI

  • Capitalize customers relations
  • Increase campaigns conversions
  • Execute effective cross-selling
  • Increase customer share of



Was listed in the top 20 most user-friendly marketing automation software reporte of CAPTERRA



Do you want to request a demo to test it for yourself? Request it to our team!