Mapping the Data Maze

Stop Waiting for Perfect


Data-driven marketing can help you deliver results that can be tracked, refined and repeated.

Mapping the Data Maze shares insights and ideas from credit union experts to help you tap your data for marketing results.

Choosing the right marketing automation provider

Choosing a Marketing Automation Provider

Five Steps for credit unions


A balance between the right mix of tools, integration and security, to enable your digital marketing transformation

The Roadmap to Personalization in Banking

The Roadmap to Personalization in Banking

Exclusive research by Ron Shevlin


Personalization has become an accepted strategy but the practice in banking reveals three dilemmas facing financial institutions

Digital Marketing - A Playbook for Financial Institutions with Limited Marketing Resources

The Digital Marketing Playbook
for Financial Institutions


An essential guide for banks and credit unions to unlocking ROI, even with limited resources.

The 2021 guide to omnichannel marketing for Financial Institutions

The 2021 guide to omnichannel marketing for financial institutions


4 omnichannel marketing trends that FIs can’t ignore in 2021 and how to optimize resources across channels for a customer-centric experience.